Sysop utilities intended to used by the sysop on the BBS computer or the local area network (LAN) of the BBS.

Most of these utilities require a Synchronet BBS installation and should be located in your Synchronet exec directory.

These are native programs, typically written in C or C++, with source code available in CVS.


These Synchronet utilities are written in JavaScript and typically executed via JSexec:

2021/04/04 04:34Rob Swindell
2021/04/04 04:48Rob Swindell
2018/04/03 18:56 
2018/02/28 11:40Stephen Hurd
2019/05/09 02:21Rob Swindell
2021/04/18 18:27Rob Swindell
2021/04/18 18:36Rob Swindell
2019/01/14 22:18Rob Swindell
2021/02/13 11:47Michael Long
2021/04/11 22:10Rob Swindell
2021/02/13 09:32Michael Long
2018/02/24 00:57Stephen Hurd
2010/02/24 15:50Rob Swindell
2018/09/24 17:18Rob Swindell
2010/02/24 15:32Rob Swindell
2018/02/15 20:25Rob Swindell
2020/11/11 17:23Michael Long
2010/02/24 15:53Rob Swindell
2020/09/17 01:01Rob Swindell
2015/12/14 03:20Stephen Hurd
2019/02/11 09:52Mark Lewis
2019/05/09 02:06Rob Swindell
2020/05/28 21:22Rob Swindell

See Also

  • https://SynchronetBBS.org/bbs_utils_stable.zip - A collection of utilities for the Linux Synchronet BBS Sysop. Includes a tool to post messages on a schedule, a tool to add a directory of files to your BBS, and a tool to post a summary of the files added.
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