SCFG Nodes

A node is required for each simultaneous user that connects to the terminal server of the BBS.

Creating, Deleting, & Copying Nodes

║   Nodes   ║
║ │Node 1   ║
║ │Node 2   ║
║ │Node 3   ║
║ │Node 4   ║
  • Ins or + key: Add a node
  • Del or - key: Delete a node

To configure a node, select it using the arrow keys and press Enter.

To copy a node's configuration to another node:

  1. Make sure both nodes have been created and appear in the list (screenshot above).
  2. Select the source node with the arrow keys and press F5 or Ctrl-C to copy.
  3. Select the destination node and press F6 or Ctrl-V to paste.

:!: When nodes are added to this list, the Terminal Server's LastNode value must be adjusted accordingly.

Changing Last Node

Unix or Windows

After configuring nodes in SCFG, to enable those nodes for logins you must change the LastNode value in sbbs.ini.

Windows Only

From the Terminal menu, choose Configure.

Change the Last Node value to your desired highest node.

Node Configuration

║                   Node 1 Configuration                   ║
║ │Phone Number               XXX-XXX-XXXX                 ║
║ │Logon Requirements                                      ║
║ │Toggle Options...                                       ║
║ │Advanced Options...                                     ║

Configuration settings specific to the selected node.

Option Name Default Description
Phone Number XXX-XXX-XXXX This is the phone number to access the selected node (i.e., for SEXPOTS). This value is used only for informational purposes.
Logon Requirements <empty> Use this option to set specific Requirements to logon this node.

Toggle Options

║          Toggle Options         ║
║ │Allow Login by User Number Yes ║
║ │Allow Login by Real Name   Yes ║
║ │Always Prompt for Password No  ║
║ │Allow 8-bit Remote Logins  Yes ║
║ │Spinning Pause Prompt      Yes ║
║ │Keep Node File Open        Yes ║

This is the toggle options menu for the selected node's configuration.

Option Name Default Description
Allow Login by User Number Yes Allow logging in by typing the user number at the login prompt.
Allow Login by Real Name Yes Allow logins using either real name or alias.
Always Prompt for Password No Even if a login is attempted with an unknown username, still prompt for a password. This enhances security by making it harder for attackers to enumerate valid usernames.
Allow 8-bit Remote Logins Yes To allow E-7-1 terminals to use this node, set this option to No. This also eliminates the ability of 8-bit remote users to send IBM Extended ASCII characters during the login sequence.
Spinning Pause Prompt Yes Display a spinning cursor at the [Hit a key] prompt.
Keep Node File Open Yes Keep the shared node file (ctrl/node.dab) open for better performance and reliability. If want to keep the file closed for Samba compatibility, set this option to No.

Advanced Options

║                     Advanced Options                     ║
║ │Validation User            1                            ║
║ │Notification User          Nobody                       ║
║ │Notification Error Level   Critical                     ║
║ │Semaphore Frequency        5 seconds                    ║
║ │Statistics Frequency       5 seconds                    ║
║ │Inactivity Warning         180 seconds                  ║
║ │Inactivity Disconnection   300 seconds                  ║
║ │Daily Event                                             ║
║ │Node Directory             ../node1/                    ║
║ │Text Directory             ../text/                     ║

This is the advanced options menu for the selected node. The available options are of an advanced nature and should not be modified unless you are sure of the consequences and necessary preparation.

Option Name Default Description
Validation User 1 When a caller logs onto the system as New, by default they must send validation feedback to the sysop.

To disable the feedback requirement, set this value to 0.

To require new users to send validation feedback, set this value to the user number who will receive the feedback. By default, feedback is sent to user #1.
Notification User Nobody When an error has occurred, a notification message can be sent to a user number (e.g., a sysop).

This feature can be disabled by setting this value to 0, or can be enabled by setting the user number who will receive the notification (normally user #1).

Note: Error messages are always logged (i.e., to data/error.log).
Notification Error Level Critical Select the minimum severity of error messages that will be forwarded to the Notification User.
Semaphore Frequency 5 seconds Number of seconds between semaphore file checks while this node is waiting for logins. Default is 5 seconds.
Statistics Frequency 5 seconds Number of seconds between system statistics checks (e.g., calls per day, logins today, etc.) while this node is waiting for logins. Default is 5 seconds.
Inactivity Warning 180 seconds Number of seconds until an inactive user will receive a warning (e.g., “Are you still there?”).
Inactivity Disconnection 300 seconds Number of seconds before an inactive user will be disconnected.
Daily Event <empty> Any valid command line that this node's terminal server should run each day. If multiple programs or commands are required, use a batchfile or shell script. This runs when the first caller after midnight logs off.
Node Directory ../node1/ Path to this node's private directory, where its separate configuration and data files are stored.

The drive and directory of this path can be set to any valid directory that can be accessed by all nodes.
Text Directory ../text/ Text directory that contains read-only text files.

:!: This directory contains the system's menus and other text files that are necessary for the BBS to run. If you change this config option, be sure to move all the necessary files and directories into the new text directory.

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