Synchronet v3.16c-Win32 (install) has been released (Aug-2015).

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CVS Repository

Synchronet source code and some third-party dependencies are stored in a version control database (repository) using a ubiquitous software system called CVS.

Anonymous access, for current source code or previous releases by label, is available to the following repositories:


Required modules for building Synchronet:

  • src-sbbs3 (alias for several modules)
  • One of the following module aliases (for required third-party libraries):
    • lib-win32 (for Windows)
    • lib (for all other supported platforms)

Required modules for running Synchronet (if you don't already have Synchronet installed):

  • run-sbbs3 (alias for several modules)

Example labels (for checking-out a specific release):

  • sbbs300c
  • sbbs310k
  • sbbs314a
  • sbbs315a
  • sbbs316c

NOTE: If you really want to build an old release, you'll probably have better luck downloading a source archive (e.g. or ssrc314a.tgz) from and building that instead as some deprecated files may have been removed from the CVS repository since.


CVS command-line example (for non-Windows OSes):

cvs -d co src-sbbs3 lib

CVS command-line example (for Windows):

cvs -d co src-sbbs3 lib-win32


If you have not already done so, you will need to login to the CVS repository at least once (the install/GNUmakefile for logs-in for you when installing on *nix using CVS):

cvs -d login


In October of 2011, the /lib and /include modules in the Synchronet CVS repository were deprecated (and removed on October 26th) and a new top level module (/3rdp) was introduced which includes pre-built third-party libraries and header files for Win32 builds and source archives (e.g. tarballs) and build files for *nix builds.

The lib and lib-win32 module aliases actually refer to sub-directories of the /3rdp module.


To update your Synchronet source files from CVS, execute from the parent of your Synchronet src directory (e.g. /sbbs):

cvs update -d src 3rdp

To update your Synchronet executable script and module files from CVS, after backing-up your exec directory, execute from your Synchronet exec directory (e.g. /sbbs/exec):

cvs update -d

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