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Post Message

The Synchronet Post Message module (postmsg.js) replaces the functionality of the smbutil i command and is the recommended method for auto-posting (or e-mailing) messages. The source for this module is stored in CVS here


The postmsg module may be executed from the Synchronet Terminal Server (e.g. as Timed Event or using the ;EXEC sysop command) with a ? prefix (e.g. ?postmsg -option sub-code), or it may be executed from an operating system command prompt via JSexec.

The command-line syntax is very similar to the import (i) command supported by smbutil.


usage: postmsg.js [-option] [-option] [...] <sub-code>

<sub-code> must be a valid sub-board (msgbase) internal code

        -i<filename>  import text from filename rather than stdin
        -t<name>      set 'to' user name
        -n<addr>      set 'to' netmail address
        -u<number>    set 'to' user number
        -f<name>      set 'from' user name
        -e<number>    set 'from' user number
        -s<subject>   set 'subject'
        -d            use default values (no prompt) for to, from, and subject

Note: You may need to enclose multi-word options in quotes (e.g. "-fMy Name")

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