Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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exec directory

The Synchronet exec directory contains executable and interpreted files:

  • Binary executables (e.g. .exe)
  • Baja-interpretted (.bin) with source (.src, .inc)
  • JavaScript (.js)

The stock/default contents of the exec directory can be browsed online here.

A daily snapshot archive of the stock/default contents of the exec directory can downloaded in zip (for Windows) or tgz (for *nix).

Files in the exec directory are not normally modified by the sysop. If you have locally modified files from exec (or exec/load), it is recommended to move them to the mods directory to protect them from accidental over-write during upgrade or update.



The exec/load directory (load) and mods/load directory contain JavaScript library (.js) files that are load()ed by other JavaScript modules.

More than one directory can be searched for JavaScript load libraries. The set of load directories/subdirectories is configured with the JavaScriptLoadPath value in the ctrl/sbbs.ini file.


The exec/tone directory contains 'tone' (.ton) files which are interpretted (e.g. by the tone utility or the playtone module) to generate simple monophonic melodies (e.g. for sysop paging).

SBBSEXEC Environment Variable

The SBBSEXEC environment variable may be used to point (contain the path) to this directory, but is not normally required.

See SBBSEXEC for more details.

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