Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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ctrl directory

The path to the Synchronet control directory defaults to a sub-directory named ctrl off of the installation directory (e.g. /sbbs/ctrl/).

Directory Contents

The Synchronet control directory contains critical configuration and data files for the operation of the software as well as some files (e.g. text.dat) that allow for sysop customization of the BBS.

The stock/default contents of the ctrl directory can be browsed online here.

A daily snapshot archive of the stock/default contents of the ctrl directory can downloaded in zip (for Windows) or tgz (for *nix).

Since most of the files in the ctrl directory reflect the sysop's configuration changes, it's a highly recommended to be very careful when replacing/overwriting any files in this directory.


The purpose of this directory is a single place for the configuration of the BBS. Although there are data files (DAB and LST) present in a running system, these are legacy and the intent is that this directory will only contain files which configure components that ship with Synchronet itself.

SBBSCTRL Environment Variable

The SBBSCTRL environment variable informs Synchronet programs where to locate the ctrl directory and should be set to the full path of the ctrl directory (e.g. /sbbs/ctrl).



The fonts sub-directory contains optional font files in IBM CGA 8-bit/pixel wide character/glyph format. The supported character height is specified in the file's extension:

File Extension Character Dimensions (w x h) File Size (in bytes) Supported Screen Modes
.f16 8×16 4096 30 and fewer than 28 lines, most common
.f14 8×14 3584 28 lines and 34 lines
.f8 8×8 2048 35 or more lines

These files may be sent (loaded and activated) into the terminals of SyncTERM users by referencing the files in your fonts.ini file.


Module option ini files, see modopts.d for details.

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