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Node List

This Synchronet Node List module (nodelist.js) can list the Terminal Server nodes / active-users as well as the active-users of the Web Server, when running a compatible web interface. This module can be used to replace the hard-coded node listing functionality of the BBS's terminal server (sbbs_t::nodelist() and sbbs_t::whos_online() from getnode.cpp invoked via the Ctrl-U global hot-key handler or via menu options, e.g. /L) and the native node utility.


The Node List module may be run from the Terminal Server or from system/OS command prompt via JSexec. To invoke the module using JSexec, run:

jsexec nodelist.js [[option] [...]]


The available command-line options (or load() arguments) are:

Option Description
-active Include active users/nodes only
-noself Exclude current/own node from list/output
-noweb Exclude web users from list/output
-clear Clear the screen (if possible) before list
-home Home the cursor (if possible) before list
-loop [n] Loop the list, delaying n seconds (default: 2.0 seconds)


To install the Node List module into the Terminal Server as the global hot-key handler (for Ctrl-U), use the following JSexec command-line:

jsexec nodelist.js install

To have the Node List module handle your Terminal Server command shell menu options for listing nodes, make sure your installed command shell(s) invoke the “nodelist” module rather than calling an internal nodelist function. See default.src for an example. All the stock command shells exec/*.src have been updated in CVS. If you update from CVS, you may need to recompile them by running jsexec update.js.


The Node List module supports the following configuration options in the [nodelist] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
include_age false Include user's age (in years)
include_gender false Include user's gender/sex
format “\x01n\x01h%3d \x01n\x01g%s” printf-style format of each node line
username_prefix “\x01h” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before user's name/alias
age_prefix “” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before user's age
gender_prefix “” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before user's gender
gender_separator “ ” Separator to insert before user's gender
status_prefix “\x01n\x01g” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before node status
errors_prefix “\x01h\x01r” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before error counter
connection_prefix “” Prefix (usually Ctrl-A codes) to insert before current connection method (protocol)
include_web_users true Include web users
web_inactivity inactivity value from the [web] section Seconds of inactivity before considering web users to be disconnected
web_browsing “browsing” word used to describe web activity

The [nodelist] options from the modopts.ini file are cached in memory in the Terminal Server (by load/nodelist_options.js) for performance reasons and thus any changes you make to this file may require a logout/login to be observed by a logged-in user.

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