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The Logon List module (exec/logonlist.js) is responsible for displaying and maintaining the list of BBS logons. It uses the logonlist_lib.js library to store/retrieve logon information in JSON Lines (.jsonl) format.


The new data/logon.jsonl file replaces the functionality of the old (but still supported/maintained) data/logon.lst file.

The advantages of the new format include:

  1. Standard file format
  2. Easily parse-able by scripts/programs (especially JS)
  3. Supports non-terminal protocol logons (e.g. HTTP/HTTPS)
  4. No display-style (e.g. colors) embedded in the file

While the LastFewCallersFmt line in the ctrl/text.dat file is still used to generate the legacy logon.lst file, the modopts.ini file is used to customize the format/color used to display the new logon.jsonl file by logonlist.js. See below for details.


  • The current day's logons are stored in data/logon.jsonl
  • Yesterday's logons are stored in data/logon.0.jsonl
  • The logons from 2-days ago are stored in data/logon.1.jsonl
  • etc...

The logon list files are normally maintained/rotated daily via an invocation of “?logonlist -m” (e.g. in SCFG->External Programs->Fixed Events->Daily Event).


This module (logonlist) should be the default value of SCFG->System->Loadable Modules->List Logons.


The Logon List module supports the following command-line options:

Option Description
-l Display only the “last few” logons (callers), the default is to display the entire list
-y Display logons from yesterday rather than today
-m Maintain the Logon List files, must be executed daily, e.g. via “System Daily Event” or Timed Event


The Logon List module supports the following options in the [logonlist] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
last_few_callers 4 Number of logons to display when only displaying the “last few” (not the entire list)
last_few_callers_msg (see source) The string to announce the “Last few callers” list
last_few_callers_fmt (see source) The printf-style format string for each displayed Logon List entry/line
first_caller_msg (see source) The string to announce that the current logon is the first of the day
logons_header_fmt (see source) The printf-style format string announcing the logon list
nobody_logged_on_fmt (see source) The printf-style format string stating that nobody has logged-on that day
backup_level 10 Number of previous logon list files to retain
today “Today” The word displayed to represent the current day
yesterday “Yesterday The word displayed to represent the day before the current day

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