Synchronet v3.16c-Win32 (install) has been released (Aug-2015).

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DATA Directory

The location of the DATA directory is configurable (in SCFG→System→Advanced Options), but defaults to a sub-directory named data off of the installation directory (e.g. /sbbs/data/).

Directory Contents

The Synchronet DATA directory contains the run-time data created during the normal operation of the BBS.


Typical sub-directories of the DATA directory include:


Where user data is stored.

  1. user.dat - user database
  2. name.dat - username index
  3. <user-number>.sig - user signature
  4. <user-number>.* - other user file
  5. ptrs/<user-number>.ixb - user message scan configuration and pointers


Synchronet message-base (SMB) files for configured sub-boards (SCFG→Message Areas) reside here.

  1. <internal-code>.shd - message headers
  2. <internal-code>.shd - message header allocation (optional)
  3. <internal-code>.sid - message indexes
  4. <internal-code>.sdt - message data
  5. <internal-code>.sdt - message data allocation (optional)
  6. <internal-code>.sch - message CRC history (for duplicate message body text checking)
  7. <internal-code>.ini - message base auxiliary configuration and state information
  8. <internal-code>.hash - message hashes (for indexing and duplicate message ID and body text checking)
  9. <internal-code>.sfp - SBBSecho FidoNet export pointer (old/deprecated style, replaced with *.ini)
  10. <internal-code>.list.sub - Synchronet ListServer subscribers
  11. <internal-code>.list.ptr - Synchronet ListServer export pointer (old/deprecated style, replaced with *.ini)
  12. <internal-code>.smm - Synchronet Match Maker import pointer


File transfer directory database files reside here.

  1. <internal-code>.dab - file base binary data (last-uploaded file date/time)
  2. <internal-code>.dat - file base text data
  3. <internal-code>.ixb - file base index
  4. <internal-code>.exb - file base extended descriptions


This directory contains various file transfer:

  1. User download queues (<user-number>.dwn)
  2. Pre-packed QWK packets (<user-number>.qwk)
  3. Uploaded QWK reply packets (<user-number>.rep)
  4. Files received via QWK reply packet (<user-number>.in/*)


Various activity log files are stored in this directory.


QWK networking files are stored in this directory.

  1. <qwk-id>.ptr - QWKnet hub export pointer
  2. <qwk-id>.out/* - File to send to QWKnet node or hub
  3. <qwk-id>.in/* - Files received from QWKnet node or hub
  4. route.dat - QWKnet route table
  5. NODES.DAT - QWKnet node list
  6. USERS.DAT - QWKnet user list


Short text messages are stored here:

  1. <user-number>.msg - user-to-user short message (a.k.a. telegram)
  2. n<node-number>.msg - node-to-node short message
  3. auto.msg - system auto-message


Hierarchy and index files utilized for the text files BBS subsection.

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