Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

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Synchronet Node Status

The current state of Synchronet terminal server (BBS) nodes are tracked in the shared file: ctrl/node.dab.

The node status can be displayed through various methods:

  1. NodeList module (Ctrl-U key handler)
  2. Node utility

Usually each node is displayed on its own line of the form:

Node n: username action connection (flags) [sysflags]


  • n = node number
  • username = user's name
  • action = what the user is currently doing
  • connection = how the user is connected (bps rate if remote)
  • flags = letters representing special modes of the node
  • sysflags = modes that are sysop settable/viewable only
Flag Description
A Activity Alert Disabled: User of this node will not be notified of other users logging on or off other nodes.
L Node is locked for sysop use: Node is temporarily reserved for sysop use only.
M Message waiting for node: An unreceived short message (telegram) is waiting for this node.
N Node-Message waiting for node: An unreceived node-to-node message is waiting for this node.
P Page disabled: User of this node does not wish to allow users of other nodes to page him for chat or send him node-to-node messages.
SysFlag Description
A Anonymous: User on this node is in anonymous mode.
C Local Chat: This node is being summoned (pullled-into) local sysop chat.
D Down: This node will be shutdown as soon as possible.
E Event: This node will run it's daily event (if one is specified) before waiting for another call.
F Forced Chat: This node is being summoned (pulled-into) private node-to-node chat.
I Node will be interrupted: Node connection will be terminated as soon as possible.
Q Quiet: User on this node is in quiet mode (can't be seen by other nodes/users).
R Rerun: This node will Rerun when user logs off.
U User data update: This user's data has been modified by another node and needs to be read from disk.

If the node is not in use, the possible status are:

  • Offline: Node is not currently running Synchronet
  • Waiting for Call: Node is waiting for a call.
  • Logging on: User is logging on.
  • Logging out: User is logging out.
  • Networking: Node is currently executing network functions.
  • New User: A user is registering as new user.
  • Waiting for all nodes to become inactive.
  • Running external event.
  • Waiting for node # to finish external event.

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