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Telnet Gateway

The Telnet Gateway (telgate.js) module allows users of your system's Terminal Server to connect to other TCP/Telnet services on the Internet through your BBS. Typically, these services would be other telnetable BBSes, door game servers, and MUDs, although really, you can theoretically create a gate to any single-port TCP service (e.g. POP3, but not FTP).

The module itself (exec/telgate.js) is just a thin wrapper around the JavaScript function: bbs.telnet_gate()


To use the module:

Execute telgate.js <address> [mode]

The brackets are not part of the syntax but only used to clarify which arguments are required (<>) and which are optional ([]).

When executed from a command-line with the Terminal Server (e.g. as a door), the ? or * prefix is required.

If no mode value is specified, the default mode is TG_NONE.


The <address> argument is the destination address in the format: <IP address or hostname>[:port]

If the TCP port number is not specified, the default is 23 (standard for telnet).

Examples <address> values:



The valid mode flags (defined in exec/load/sbbsdefs.js) are:

Flag Description
TG_ECHO Echo back to the user's client what it sends (i.e. keyboard input)
TG_CRLF Expand sole CR (on input) to CRLF
TG_LINEMODE Send entire lines only
TG_NODESYNC Call Nodesync, get msgs, etc.
TG_CTRLKEYS Interpret control key (e.g. Ctrl-P, Ctrl-U, Ctrl-T, etc.) locally
TG_PASSTHRU Pass-through Telnet commands/responses (don't proxy the Telnet command responses)
TG_RLOGIN Use BSD RLogin protocol (not Telnet)
TG_NOCHKTIME Don't check time left online
TG_NOLF Do not send line-feeds
TG_RLOGINSWAP Swap the RLogin alias/real-names

Multiple mode flags may be specified by ORing them together with the pipe (|) character, like so:



Although telgate.js is the original and most flexible Synchronet Telnet gateway script, there are other bbs.telnet_gate() wrapper scripts available for your convenience:

Module Description
mudgate.js Sets the mode flags based on the needs of a typical MUD server
unixgate.js Sets the mode flags based on the needs of a typical Unix Telnet server
rlogin.js Actually a wrapper around the bbs.rlogin_gate JavaScript function


To set-up an external gateway to another BBS in SCFG->External Programs->Online Programs:

Command line: "?telgate"

To set-up an external gateway to a MUD:

Command line: "?mudgate"

To set-up an external gateway to a Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS):

Command line: "?rlogin"

While using the telnet gateway (and not currently in telnet “Binary” mode), users can press ctrl-] for a menu of telnet gate commands including: Disconnect, Toggle Echo, List Users, and Private Message.


The Baja TELNET_GATE function and the corresponding exec/*gate.bin files have been deprecated. Use the corresponding JavaScript alternatives instead.

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