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This allows users on your system to be connected to other TCP/Telnet services on the Internet through your BBS. Typically, these services would be other telnetable BBSs and MUDs, although really, you can gate to any single-port TCP service (i.e. POP3, but not FTP).

TELNET_GATE <“str” || str_var> [mode]

The str or str_var argument is the destination address in the format:


If port is not specified, the default is 23 (telnet), or 513 (when the TG_RLOGIN mode is used).



The valid mode bits (multiple may be |'d together) are:

TG_ECHO         Turn on telnet echo
TG_CRLF         Expand sole CR to CRLF
TG_LINEMODE     Send entire lines only
TG_NODESYNC     Call Nodesync, get msgs, etc.
TG_CTRLKEYS     Interpret ^P ^U ^T, etc locally
TG_PASSTHRU     Pass-through telnet commands/responses
TG_RLOGIN       Use BSD RLogin protocol

This function can be called from any module or shell, but will most likely be used from the external programs menu (even though the telnet gate isn't technically an external program). The following modules are included (in your EXEC directory): TELGATE.BIN, MUDGATE.BIN, UNIXGATE.BIN, and RLOGIN.BIN. Use them as follows:

To set-up an external gateway to another BBS:
Command line: "*telgate"
To set-up an external gateway to a MUD:
Command line: "*mudgate"
To set-up an external gateway to a Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS):
Command line: "*rlogin"

While using the telnet gateway (and not currently in telnet “Binary” mode), users can press ctrl-] for a menu of telnet gate commands including: Disconnect, Toggle Echo, List Users, and Private Message.

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