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Email Validation

Email Validation (based on emailval.js v0.2 by tracker1) is a simple script that, when enabled, requires a user to validate their email address by entering a validation code that the system has e-mailed to them.

Upon successful validation, the user's security level is updated, allowing for more access privileges.


Set email_validation = true in the [logon] section of your ctrl/modopts.ini file.


The e-mail validation module supports the following configuration options in the [emailval] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
level_before_validation 50 Security level of unvalidated users
level_after_validation 60 Security level of validated users
flags1_after_validation no change Flags (from flags set 1) to give, add-to, or remove-from validated users
flags2_after_validation no change “ ” (from flags set 2)
flags3_after_validation no change “ ” (from flags set 3)
flags4_after_validation no change “ ” (from flags set 4)
exemptions_after_validation no change Exemptions to give, add-to, or remove-from validated users
restrictions_after_validation no change Restrictions to give, add-to, or remove-from validated users
expiration_days_after_validation no change Days to extend the user's expiration, once validated

The flags, exemptions, and restrictions .ini values support 'A' through 'Z' with the optional '+' (add) and '-' (remove) modifiers.
e.g. “+A-B” to add the A flag and remove the B flag
e.g. “AB” to change the flag set to just “AB”

Numeric values are supported for assignment (not modification).
e.g. 0 = no flags, 1 = A, 2 = B, 4 = C, 8 = D, etc.

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