Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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A sysop can give a user restrictions from certain sections or features of the BBS by setting one or more valid Restriction Flags.

Flag Name Description
A ANSI and Ctrl-A Codes User cannot write messages containing either ANSI escape sequences or Ctrl-A codes
B Beep User cannot insert beeps (Ctrl-G, ASCII 7) into messages (posts, mail, or chat)
C Chat User cannot use any chat functions
D Download User cannot download files
E E-mail User cannot send e-mail messages or telegrams to local users (but can still e-mail the sysop)
F Forward Mail User cannot forward mail
G Edit Defaults User cannot edit their account settings (e.g. “Guest” account), settings are reset to “new user values” upon logon
J Quoting User cannot use the internal message quoting feature when replying to messages
K Read Sent Mail User cannot read/kill sent/pending mail
L Logon Once a Day User will only be allowed to logon a maximum of once a day regardless of what his or her security level normally allows
M Networked Mail User cannot send networked mail (NetMail) of any kind (QWK, FidoNet, or Internet)
N Networked Subs User cannot post messages on networked sub-boards (of any kind)
O Post w/Real Name User cannot post messages on any sub-boards that use a poster's “Real Name” 1), NetMail is always sent using user's alias
P Post Messages User cannot post messages on any/all sub-boards
Q QWK Network Node This user account is used for a QWK Network Node (very special purpose restriction)
R Remove Files User cannot edit file descriptions of or remove files they have uploaded
S E-mail Sysop User cannot send e-mail (feedback) to user #1 (the sysop)
T File Transfers User cannot access the File Transfer Section (or FTP Server) at all
U Upload User cannot upload files
V Voting User cannot vote on messages or polls
W Auto-message User cannot write to auto-message
X External Programs User cannot access the external programs menu

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'Q'-restricted accounts are exempt from this