Chat Section

This module (exec/chat_sec.js) displays the “Chat” menu/prompt from the Terminal Server accepts/acts upon user input (hot keys) to perform chat-related functions.

│ Chat Menu │
█▀            Join a Chat            ▀█
█ J Join/initiate multinode chat      █
█ P Join/start private node/node chat █
█ C Chat with Sysop: Not Available    █
█ T Talk with The Guru (AI)           █
█ F Finger (query) remote user/system █
█ R Internet Relay Chat (IRC)         █
█ I InterBBS Instant Messaging        █
█               Toggles               █
█ D Chat availability      state: On  █
█ A Node activity alerts   state: On  █
█ S Split-screen chat      state: On  █
█                                     █
█ Q Quit chat menu                    █

This module supports the following configuration options in the [chat] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
finger true Allow finger client use
imsg true Allow inter-BBS instant messenger use
irc true Allow IRC client use
irc_server 6667 Comma-separated list of IRC Server addresses and (optional) TCP port
irc_channel #Synchronet Comma-separated list of IRC Channels to auto-join
irc_seclevel 90 Security level required to change IRC server/channel parameters


This module should be installed in stock command shells by default (over-riding the hard-coded “Chat” menu logic). To install into additional command shells, replace the following line(s) in exec/*.src:



exec_bin chat_sec

And then recompile with Baja - or just run the update module.

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