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BREdit v1.0 Build(#1) 1999 by Art Johnston, Rob Clevenger, Portions 1990-1995 by Rob Raper


Install into the exec directory.


Add to SCFG->External Programs->External Editors:

Name                            BREDIT                           
Internal Code                   BREDIT                           
Command Line                    %!bredit %f %w %r %l             
Access Requirements             ANSI                             
Intercept I/O                   Standard, WWIV Color             
Native Executable               No                               
Use Shell to Execute            No                               
Word Wrap Quoted Text           No                               
Automatically Quoted Text       Prompt User                      
Editor Information Files        WWIV EDITOR.INF/RESULT.ED        
Expand Line Feeds to CRLF       No                               
Strip FidoNet Kludge Lines      No                               
BBS Drop File Type              WWIV            CHAIN.TXT        

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