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Full Screen Editor v2.00.7 1990-1995 by Rob Raper

This editor has been designed with the WWIV standard editor in mind. Most commands are the same, and therefore, macros made for use with the single line editor will work with this editor.


Add in SCFG->External Programs->External Editors:

Name                            FEdit
Internal Code                   FEDIT                             
Command Line                    %!fedit %f %w %r %l               
Access Requirements             ANSI                              
Intercept I/O                   Standard, WWIV Color              
Native Executable               No                                
Use Shell to Execute            No                                
Word Wrap Quoted Text           Yes                               
Automatically Quoted Text       All                               
Editor Information Files        WWIV EDITOR.INF/RESULT.ED         
Expand Line Feeds to CRLF       Yes                               
Strip FidoNet Kludge Lines      No                                
BBS Drop File Type              None                              

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