RSS Configuration

The rss.ini file (located in the Synchronet ctrl directory) is used to configure the RSS feed exported by the web/root/rss.ssjs script. This script can be used to export a set of message sub-boards as channels in an RSS feed.

In the global section of rss.ini, three configuration options can be specified:

Option Default Description
maxmessages 15 How many messages to export from a sub-board (from newest to oldest)
maxdesclength 500 How many characters of a message body to include in an RSS item's description field
useentities false Whether or not to encode HTML special entities (eg. & becomes &)

Each named section configures a 'channel' which will be included in the RSS feed. Each channel represents a message sub-board. You may override any of the above global options inside of a named section.

Option Default Description
sub none The internal code of a message sub-board you wish to export
title Sub-board name The title of this channel in the RSS feed
description Sub-board description The description of this channel in the RSS feed
link http://your-bbs-address/ The link property of this channel in the RSS feed
language en-us The language of this channel's content (codes)
image_url /images/default/sync_pbgj1_white_bg.gif URL of an image / icon for this channel
image_link Same as link Link to bring visitors to if they click on the image
image_title Same as title Alternate text for the image
  • internal code, sub-board name, and sub-board description are configured in SCFG

Example rss.ini:

maxmessages = 15
maxdesclength = 500
useentities = false
sub = syncanno
title = Synchronet Announcements
description = Synchronet Announcements
link =
language = en-us
image_url =
image_link =
image_title = Synchronet
maxmessages = 15
maxdesclength = 500

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