Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Initial Setup

Once you've gone through the installation process, the following tasks will need to be completed:


Using SCFG, set-up at minimum:

  1. your BBS name (System->BBS Name)
  2. your system password (System->Security->System Password)
  3. your public hostname (e.g. or IP address (Networks->Internet->Address)

Now would also be a good time to set-up:

  1. your QWK ID (Message Options->BBS ID for QWK Packets)
  2. your time zone (System->Local Time Zone)
  3. your location (System->Location)
  4. your name or alias (System->Operator)

Note: When installing on Windows, the Synchronet Control Panel Configuration Wizard may run automatically after installation and prompt you for these set-up items.

Sysop Account

Using a Terminal program, login to your Terminal server as a “New” user. When creating the first user account on the BBS, Synchronet will automatically assume you're creating the system operator (sysop) account, so you will need to confirm the system password.

The created sysop account will (unlike a normal user account) have:

  • security level 99
  • all flags (A-Z) from all flag sets (1-4)
  • all exemptions (A-Z)
  • no restrictions

Guest Account

When logging on as sysop, you will be prompted to create a Guest account for your system. It is recommended that you elect to create the guest account.

If you elect not to create a Guest account, you can do so later using the makeguest module.

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