Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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NewsLink Configuration

The NewsLink configuration file (ctrl/newslink.cfg) is a plain text file. Blank lines and links beginning with a semicolon (;) are ignored.

The first word of each line must be a supported keyword followed by zero or more white-space separated arguments:

Keyword Arguments Description
disabled Disable NewsLink
server hostname or IP address Address of news server to connect to
port number TCP port of new server (default: 119)
tls Enable TLS (encryption)
user user-id Name/ID of user to authenticate as
pass password Password of user to authenticate as
flags flags Global area flags to add to each configured AREA
debug Enable debug log output
unmangle Remove NewsLink anti-spam measure from e-mail addresses in received messages
no_xover Don't send the XOVER command to the server
no_path Don't store the PATH header field of imported messages
reader_mode Send MODE READER command before authenticating
slave Send SLAVE command after authenticating
tagline text Tag-line to append to exported message body text
lines_per_yeild number Interval (in lines) of forced time-slice yields
yield_length number Length of yield, in milliseconds (default: 1)
max_newsgroups_per_article number Maximum number of newsgroups-per-article (SPAM control, default: 5)
area <sub-code> [newsgroup] [flags] [attach-dir] Each message area definition

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