Synchronet v3.16c-Win32 (install) has been released (Aug-2015).

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CNF Files

These are binary files most of which are in the CTRL Directory and are maintained by SCFG.


SCFG features an auto-backup system controlled with the SCFG -b# command-line option to specify the backup level. -b5 is the default, providing for 5 backups of each file modified. -b0 disables the auto-backup feature.

CNF files ending with .0.cnf represent the most recent backup of the .cnf file, .1.cnf the next to most recent backup, etc.

The oldest backup files (e.g. *.5.cnf when the backup level is 5) are automatically removed (deleted).

Individual files

The various CNF files are:

Development Notes

These files were originally a text-based configuration but were converted to binary for efficiency reasons which no longer apply. For version 4, these files will be converted to a text format, most likely INI Files.

The multiple node.cnf files need to be replaced by a single file which configures all the nodes for a specific instance of Synchronet. Currently, this means supporting the <base>.<host|os>.<ext> format because the assumption that the only reason to run multiple instances is that there are multiple systems is currently baked in.

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