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The Synchronet v2 External Program Data File (a.k.a. drop file), xtrn.dat format.

In DOS and OS/2 versions of Synchronet, this file was named XTRN.DAT but later (in Synchronet v3), the case of the created file was configurable (either all upper or all lower case).

This file should normally be created in the current node's directory (example: C:\sbbs\node1). The current node's directory can be easily passed to external programs via command line (using the %n command line specifier in SCFG) or more easily retrieved by external programs be reading the SBBSNODE environment variable.

The xtrn.dat is a plain text file consisting of CRLF-delimited lines of up to 80 characters each, parsed one line at a time.

Example Description
Digital Man User's name or alias
Vertrauen BBS name
Digital Man Sysop's name
The Guru System Guru (AI engine)
..\CTRL\ Control directory
..\DATA\ Data directory
9 Total nodes on system
7 Current node
30000 Time left (in seconds)
Yes ANSI? (Yes,No, or Mono)
24 Screen lines
209087929 Credits
99 Security level
99 Security level (same as above)
12/31/69 Birth date in MM/DD/YY format
M Gender (e.g. M or F)
1 User's number
714-529-6328 Phone Number
0 COM Port (0 if local)
4 IRQ (or channel number if FOSSIL/Digi/etc.)
3f8 I/O address (or D:Digi,F:Fossil, P:PS/2 bios)
0 DTE rate (0 if local)
Yes Hardware flow ctrl (Yes or No)
Yes Locked DTE rate (Yes or No)
AT&FS0=0S2=128E0V0X4&C1&D2 Modem init string
AT%C0\V1 Modem special (additional) init string
ATE1V1\V2 Modem terminal init string
ATDT Modem dial string
ATM0H1 Modem off-hook string
ATA Modem answer string
533922058 Address of MSR memory copy (in decimal)
20 Total external programs
Domain Bulletins Each external program's name
Restrictions (A-Z)
0 Expiration date (in hex unix format)
Po Box 501 Address
Yorba Linda, Ca City, state
92686 Zip/Postal code
Flags from flag set #3 (A-Z)
E Flags from flag set #4 (A-Z)
1 Time slice APIs supported
Rob Swindell User's real name or company name
14400 DCE Rate

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