Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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The configured Logon Module is executed for every Terminal Server logon (excluding QWKnet logons).

The name of the logon module (by default, logon) is configured in SCFG->System->Loadable Modules->Logon.

The default logon module is exec/logon.js and supports the following configuration options in the [logon] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
show_avatar true Show the user's avatar during logon
draw_avatar_above false Draw the avatar above the current cursor position (requires show_avatar=true)
draw_avatar_right true Draw the avatar on right edge of the screen (requires show_avatar=true)
set_avatar false Prompt the user to choose their avatar if they don't have one
rlogin_auto_xtrn false Auto-execute an external program when the RLogin 'terminal-type' includes xtrn=<code> (e.g. for use with ecWeb External Programs support)
rlogin_xtrn_menu false RLogin server acts as a door game server (displays the external program menu) only
show_logon_list true Set to false to disable the display of the logon list (“last few callers”) during logon
email_validation false Run the emailval (user e-mail address validation) module during logon
fast_logon false When true, allows users to choose a fast-logon by adding ! in front of their login name/number
fast_logon_requirements none An access requirements string that specifies a subset of users which may use the fast-logon option
eval_first none JavaScript expression to evaluate (execute) very early in the module
eval_last none JavaScript expression to evaluate (execute) last thing in the module
sysop_available text.dat LiSysopAvailable string Comma-separated list of random sysop-is-available-for-chat status strings (displayed during logon)
sysop_unavailable text.dat LiSysopNotAvailable string Comma-separated list of random sysop-is-not-available-for-chat status strings (displayed during logon)
guest_name default-text (see logon.js) Prompt for the real/full name of Guests during logon, set to false to disable or set to alternate prompt text string
guest_email default-text (see logon.js) Prompt for the email address of Guests, set to false to disable (recommended to leave enabled)
guest_location default-text (see logon.js) Prompt for the location of Guests, set to false to disable
guest_referral default-text (see logon.js) Prompt Guests to provide an answer to question: “Where did you hear about this BBS?”, set to false to disable

Fast Logon

The logon module supports a fast-logon mode which bypasses the display of logon menus and the execution of interactive user logon events.

The JavaScript variable bbs.sys_status has a bit-flag, SS_FASTLOGON, which is used by the logon module to determine whether a fast-logon was requested by the user.

The default login module recognizes a prepended ! character on the user's login ID (name, alias, or number) as an indicator that fast logon mode was requested by the user.


If you choose to use a customized or entirely different logon module, it is recommended that you use a different module name (not “logon”) and/or copy the stock logon module to your mods directory before modifying.

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