Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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QWK Remote Commands

Synchronet BBS users and QWKnet node sysops can perform various control functions remotely by sending QWK reply (REP) packets with specially formatted messages.

Note that some of these functions are intended only for users who are using QWK offline readers to retrieve their messages from the BBS, and not for QWKnet nodes, these commands are noted as being for users only. Although intended for users, some of the user commands will work properly for QWKnet ndoes (e.g. FILES would place the resulting file list into the BBSs inbound directory), but some will not (e.g. the YOURS function).

In order to invoke the various remote QWK functions via a QWK network, you must post a message to SBBS on one of the conferences which you are receiving from your QWKnet hub. Note that the ADD and RESET functions are conference specific, meaning that your message MUST be posted on the conference where the function is to take effect.

In the following examples, “ptr” is a pointer indicating the message number to start at (e.g. specifying “100” would set the message pointer to message number 100), “-msgs” sets the message pointer to a number of messages from the end (e.g. “-100” to set the pointer to 100 messages from the last message), and “mm/dd/yy” sets the message pointer to the date specified (e.g. 01/01/90 sets the message pointer to January 1, 1990).

The (|) symbol shown in the options means “OR”. Function parameters in square brackets ([]) are optional, parameters in less than/greater than symbols (<>0) are required. Specifying an ON/OFF function without the ON or OFF parameter will toggle the function OFF.

Commands supported (a single command per message, posted to “SBBS”), place the command in the message subject.

Command Description
DROP [conf#] Drop current conference (or specified conference #) from future QWK packets.
ADD [YOURS] [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Add current conference to future QWK packets and optionally set the message pointer. If “YOURS” is specified, only mail addressed to you will be packed for this conference. The YOURS option is for users only.
YOURS [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Same as “ADD YOURS”. For users only
RESET [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Set message pointer for current conference.
SUBPTR [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Same as “RESET”.
RESETALL [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Set message pointers for all conferences.
ALLPTR [ptr | -msgs | mm/dd/yy] Same as “RESETALL”.
FREQ <filename> File Request from file transfer database (not attachments). QWK netted BBSs will receive the requested file into their hubs IN sub-directory, normally located in the \SBBS\DATA\QNET directory
FILES [ON | OFF | mm/dd/yy] Include files list in packet and/or specify new-scan date. Specifying files with the date only will turn this option ON. For users only
ATTACH [ON | OFF] Include file attachments in packet automatically (e-mail only). For users only
OWN [ON | OFF] Include messages from you (affects all conferences). For users only
MAIL [ALL | ON | OFF] Include private mail-box (ALL includes previously read mail). For users only
DELMAIL [ON | OFF] Automatically delete mail-box after successful packet download. For users only
CTRL-A [KEEP | EXPAND | STRIP] Ctrl-A color/attribute codes - leave-in, expand to ANSI, or remove.
NDX [ON | OFF] Include index (.NDX) files (not necessary for Synchronet QWKnet)
CONTROL [ON | OFF] Include control files (DOOR.ID, CONTROL.DAT, NETFLAGS.DAT, etc)
VIA [ON | OFF] Include message path (@VIA) line in messages.
TZ [ON | OFF] Include time zone (@TZ) line in messages.
MSGID [ON | OFF] Include Message-ID (@MSGID) and Reply-ID (@REPLY) lines in messages.

As is customary for QWK packets, the supported commands are listed (on “CONTROLTYPE” lines) in the DOOR.ID control file if/when control files are included in QWK packets.

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