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Baja is a Synchronet module compiler and BASIC-like language for creating programmable command shells and modules for Synchronet versions 2 and 3.

Most Synchronet command shells are currently written in Baja.


Baja source files are plain ASCII text files (IBM CP437 characters may also be used). The Baja language is documented here.


Synchronet modules written “in baja”, rely on the baja utility to compile their “source” into an “executable” (interpretted) binary format (.bin file).

Note: There is a corresponding unbaja utility, created by Deuce, for decompiling Baja .bin files into somewhat readable (and modifiable) Baja source (.src) files.


usage: baja [-opts] file[.src]

 opts: -d display debug during compile
       -c case sensitive variables, labels, and macros
       -o set output directory (e.g. -o/sbbs/exec)
       -i set include directory (e.g. -i/sbbs/exec)
       -q quiet mode (no banner)
       -p pause on error


To compile the Baja source file exec/default.src into the executable module exec/default.bin, from the Synchronet exec directory, type:

baja default


The marketing name “Baja”, was coined by Dr. Seuss and inspired by vacations at our father's house in Baja California.

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