Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Synchronet Console

The Synchronet Console is a text/console mode sysop monitoring and control program for the Synchronet BBS.

For Windows, this program is exec/sbbs.exe.

For other OSes (e.g. Linux), this program is exec/sbbs.


Synchronet Console for Linux-x64  Version 3.18a  Copyright 2020 Rob Swindell

Reading /sbbs/ctrl/sbbs.cvs.ini

usage: sbbs [[cmd | setting] [...]] [path/ini_file]


        version    show version/revision details and exit

Global settings:

        hn[host]   set hostname for this instance
                   if host not specified, uses gethostname
        un<user>   set username for BBS to run as
        ug<group>  set group for BBS to run as
        d[x]       run as daemon, log using syslog
                   x is the optional LOCALx facility to use
                   if none is specified, uses USER
                   if 'S' is specified, uses standard facilities
        syslog     log to syslog (even when not daemonized)
        gi         get user identity (using IDENT protocol)
        nh         disable hostname lookups
        nj         disable JavaScript support
        ne         disable event thread
        ni         do not read settings from .ini file
        nd         do not read run as daemon - overrides .ini file
        defaults   show default settings and options

Terminal server settings:

        tf<node>   set first node number
        tl<node>   set last node number
        tp<port>   set Telnet server port
        rp<port>   set RLogin server port (and enable RLogin server)
        to<value>  set Terminal server options value (advanced)
        ta         enable auto-logon via IP address
        td         enable Telnet command debug output
        tq         disable QWK events
        t-         disable Terminal server

FTP server settings:

        fp<port>   set FTP server port
        fo<value>  set FTP server options value (advanced)
        f-         disable FTP server

Mail server settings:

        ms<port>   set SMTP server port
        mp<port>   set POP3 server port
        mr<addr>   set SMTP relay server (and enable SMTP relay)
        md<addr>   set DNS server address for MX-record lookups
        mo<value>  set Mail server options value (advanced)
        ma         allow SMTP relays from authenticated users
        m-         disable Mail server (entirely)
        mp-        disable POP3 server
        ms-        disable SendMail thread

Services settings:

        so<value>  set Services option value (advanced)
        s-         disable Services (no services module)

Web server settings:

        wp<port>   set HTTP server port
        wo<value>  set Web server option value (advanced)
        w-         disable Web server


[Threads: 11  Sockets: 39  Clients: 0  Served: 0  Errors: 0] (?=Help): ?

Synchronet Console Version 3.18a Help

q   = quit
n   = node list
w   = who's online (node's in-use)
l   = lock node (toggle)
d   = down node (toggle)
i   = interrupt node (toggle)
a   = show failed login attempts
c   = show connected clients
r   = recycle servers (when not in use)
s   = shutdown servers (when not in use)
t   = terminate servers (immediately)
!   = execute external command
?   = print this help information

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