Synchronet v3.17b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2019).

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<cellguy> can anyone answer a Sychronet IRC question for me?  has to do with the bot scripts included with synchronet package
<cellguy> How do you get them working?  Cant find any documentation on them
<cellguy> need to get one oman IRC channel on my server
<cellguy> saw them in the directory and looked at the configs, just need a jump start
<Troice> You set up the ini file and run it using jsexec.
<cellguy> ok sweet, thats the jump start I was looking for
<Troice> ctrl/ircbot.ini
<Troice> sbbs/exec/jsexec -d ircbot.js
<cellguy> thanks a bunch

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