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Services Configuration

The Services Initialization file (services.ini) controls which Synchronet Services will be available on which TCP and UDP ports. This file is located in the ctrl directory.


The base filename of the initialization file is ctrl/services.ini.

The standard host/platform variations of the initialization filenames are also supported. See INI Filenaming for details.


Download or view the default services.ini file here: services.ini


The root section may contain keys which will determine the default value of keys which may be over-ridden in each service's section.

Every other section in the file is a service section with the name of the service specified as the section. Example: [MyService]

Common Keys

These keys may be specified in the root section where they will determine the default value for the same key in each service section. Additionally, these keys be specified within in each service section if the default value is not acceptable for that service.

Key Default Value Possible Values Description
LogLevel sbbs.ini->[Services] See Enumerated Values Minimum severity for log entries
StackSize 0 0+ Number of bytes to use for service thread (0=automatic)
MaxClients 0 0+ Maximum number of simultaneous clients allowed (0=unlimited)
ListenBacklog5 1+ The maximum length of the queue of pending connections
Options 0 UDP|STATIC|LOOP|NATIVE|FULL_ACCEPT|TLSThe common Options bit-field values are also supported (TLS support added in 3.17)

Service Keys

In addition to the common keys, each service section may include some or all of the following keys:

Key Default Value Possible Values Description
Enabled true true or false Set to false to temporarily disable this service
Protocol [service name] Any The name of the protocol serviced by this service
Interfacesbbs.ini->[Services]IP address or blank IP address of the network interface to bind to (0=any/all)
Command Any valid command-line The command-line to execute to start this service
Port Default for Protocol 1-65535 TCP or UDP port number serviced by this service
Host Any valid hostname Hostname for which this service should be executed
NotHost Any valid hostname Hostname for which this service should not be executed
JavaScriptMaxBytes sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME
JavaScriptContextStack sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME
JavaScriptThreadStack sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME
JavaScriptTimeLimit sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME
JavaScriptGcInterval sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME
JavaScriptYieldInterval sbbs.ini->[Services]0+FIXME

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