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Bullseye Bulletins

Bullseye Bulletins (/sbbs/exec/bullseye.js) is used to display plain text files that contain information you would like users to have access to, similar to SCFG>Text Files Section.


In SCFG->External Programs->Online Programs->Main->Available Online Programs, add:

║                    Bullseye Bulletins                    ║
║ │Name                       Bullseye Bulletins           ║
║ │Internal Code              BULLSEYE                     ║
║ │Start-up Directory                                      ║
║ │Command Line               *bullseye                    ║
║ │Clean-up Command Line                                   ║
║ │Execution Cost             None                         ║
║ │Access Requirements                                     ║
║ │Execution Requirements                                  ║
║ │Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes                          ║
║ │Intercept I/O              No                           ║
║ │Native Executable/Script   No                           ║
║ │Use Shell or New Context   No                           ║
║ │Modify User Data           No                           ║
->│Execute on Event           Logon                       <-
║ │Pause After Execution      No                           ║
║ │BBS Drop File Type         None                         ║
║ │Place Drop File In         Node Directory               ║


execbullseye.js reads the available list of bulletins contained in text/bullseye.cfg and displays textbullseye.(msg/asc/ans) as the menu to the users.

Adding Items to Bullseye Bulletins

Edit text/bulleyes.cfg using a text editor of your choice

user@whatever:/sbbs/text $ nano bullseye.cfg

bullseye.cfg file format


Note: the “0” (zero) on the first line is important and must not be removed. This is a place holder so the counter does not start at 0.
the remaining items, one per line, correspond to the item number in bulleyes.msg menu file.

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