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The Synchronet BBS (SBBS) Initialization File is the mother of all Synchronet configuration files and is located in the ctrl directory.


The base filename of the initialization file is ctrl/sbbs.ini.

The standard host/platform variations of the initialization filenames are also supported. See INI Filenaming for details.


Download or view the default sbbs.ini file here: sbbs.ini


When using the Synchronet-Win32 Control Panel, the contents of this file are automatically updated when any of the configuration changes are made in the File->Properties menu or the various server configuration dialogs. Windows sysops may never need to edit this file by hand.

If a sysop needs to edit the file by hand, any decent text file editor should do the job. See INI files for more details.


The contents of the file are divided into multiple named sections:



See Terminal Server for more details.


See FTP Server for more details.


See Mail Server for more details.


See Web Server for more details.


See Services and services.ini for more details.


See Configuring UNIX for more details.

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