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alias.cfg file

Sample ctrl/alias.cfg file:

; $Id: alias.cfg,v 1.4 2013/01/11 08:04:48 rswindell Exp $

; Alias                         User Name, number, or external forwarding address
; -------------------           -------------------------------------------------
; wildcards (*) are allowed     wildcards (*) are allowed
; can be <name>                 can be <name>
; or <name>@<address>           or <name>@<address> 
;                               or <name>@<address>:<port>
;                               or sub:<code>

sysop                           1
root                            1
admin                           1
administrator                   1
abuse                           1
webmaster                       1
postmaster                      1

Each of the above aliases are used to check for inbound email addressed to alias@your.domain.invalid. If an incoming email recipient matches one of the listed alias, the mail message is saved into user #1's mail box.

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