Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Sysop of El Gato de Fuego BBS, hosted by marisag


  • ANSI Terminal Services
  • Traditional Internet Services
  • Modem: None
  • FidoNet: None


South African, now an expat living in Pedasi, Panama.

35 years of military service in the South African Army Reserves, 28 of which were infantry and the rest as a Demolitions guy in the Engineers.

Did some years as a PMC in Iraq and a bunch of other PSD and misc contracts in Africa and the last two years in Central and South America.

Civilian career was primarily in IT with a focus on Knowledge Management and dabbling in a variety of various distractions such as dLib (Academic publishing on pre-print servers), Virtual Learning Environments (mostly MUDS and MOOS), Large library systems (60000 users and up) and all the complications that went with that.

Along the way, I've been a programmer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Business & IT Troubleshooter. Lectured at the Post-Graduate level, shot competitively (Service and Sport shooting), Land Rover enthusiast, Skydiver, Base Jumper, and Motor-bike rider. Father of daughters and Political observer. Mostly same-old same-old :-)

I was an enthusiastic BBS operator and user from around 1987, running RyBBS, WildCat and a couple of others. Active participant in Echo boards and FidoNet.