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External Program Data File (a.k.a. drop file), Dorinfo#.def format from the RBBS software.

This file should normally be created in the current node's directory (example: C:\sbbs\node1). The current node's directory can be easily passed to external programs via command line (using the %n command line specifier in SCFG) or more easily retrieved by external programs be reading the SBBSNODE environment variable.

The Dorinfo#.def is a plain text file consisting of CRLF-delimited lines, parsed one line at a time.

Line Example Description
01 Dix Bates Gates BBS BBS Name
02 Dick Sysop first name
03 Dennison Sysop last name
04 COM1 COM port number
05 2400 BAUD,N,8,1 COM port logon string
06 0 Reserved
07 Jose Caller first name
08 Canseco Caller last name
09 Middletown NY Caller hometown
10 1 Caller graphics
11 10 Caller access level
12 60 Caller time remaining
13 -1 EOF

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