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The configured New User module is executed during Terminal Server new user registrations.

The name of the New User module (by default, newuser) is configured in SCFG->System->Loadable Modules->New User.

The default new user module is exec/newuser.js and supports the following configuration options in the [newuser] section of the ctrl/modopts.ini file:

Option Default Description
ask_sysop false Ask the new user if they are a visiting sysop (if yes, give the security flag 1S)
ask_qnet false Ask the new user if the account is for QWK networking purposes
qnet_name DOVE-Net” Name of QWK network (when ask_qnet = true)
qwk_settings Use these QWK settings (QWK_* from sbbsdefs.js or'd together) for new users
avatar null Default user avatar (base64-encoded avatar value)
avatar_file Default user avatar (.bin filename)
avatar_offset 0 Avatar index to use from avatar_file
send_welcome false Send a welcome email (text/welcome.msg) to the new user
survey true Ask new user “Where did you hear about this BBS?”


If you choose to use a customized or entirely different new user module, it is recommended that you use a different module name (not “newuser”) and/or copy the stock new user module to your mods directory before modifying.

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