Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Email Files as Attachments

This module provides a file transfer “download protocol” that sends the requested file(s) as attachments to the user at their desired email address.

Your Synchronet Mail Server (SendMail thread) must be operational for this module to work as expected.


Make sure SCFG->Networks->Internet E-mail->Allow Sending of E-mail and Allow File Attachments are both set to “Yes” (otherwise, this module will only function for sysops).

║                      Internet E-mail                     ║
║ │System Address             ║
║ │Inbound E-mail Semaphore                                ║
║ │Outbound E-mail Semaphore                               ║
->│Allow Sending of E-mail    Yes <-                       ║
->│Allow File Attachments     Yes <-                       ║
║ │Send E-mail Using Alias    No                           ║
║ │Kill E-mail After Sent     No                           ║
║ │Cost to Send E-mail        0                            ║

Automated installation using JSexec:

jsexec emailfiles -install

After this, users should see “E-mail Attachment” as a download protocol option and you will find in SCFG->File Options->Transfer Protocols:

║                       File Transfer Protocol                       ║
║ │Mnemonic (Command Key)        E                                   ║
║ │Protocol Name                 E-mail Attachment                   ║
║ │Access Requirements           REST NOT M                          ║
║ │Upload Command Line                                               ║
║ │Download Command Line         ?emailfiles %f                      ║
║ │Batch Upload Command Line                                         ║
║ │Batch Download Command Line   ?emailfiles +%f                     ║
║ │Bi-dir Command Line                                               ║
║ │Native Executable/Script      Yes                                 ║
║ │Supports DSZLOG               Yes                                 ║
║ │Socket I/O                    No                                  ║

Users with the 'M' (networked mail) restriction will not be provided this download option due to the default Access Requirements (which you can change).


To change the default behavior, create or edit the file ctrl/modopts.d/emailfiles.ini:

; Options for "E-mail files as attachments" module

; Uncomment and modify values to over-ride defaults
; maxfiles = 10
; maxfilesize = 10485760
; maxpending = 104857600
; prompt: "\x01h\x01yE-mail address: "
; badaddr: "Unsupported e-mail address"
; msgbody: "Your requested file (%u of %u) is attached."
; success: "Successfully attached: %s"

Note: Sysops are not limited by the default/configured maximum files/size/pending.

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