Legend of the Red Dragon (32-bit)

SCFG Settings

Name                       Lord/32                    
Internal Code              LORD32                     
Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/lord32             
Command Line               lord%. -D%f              
Clean-up Command Line                                 
Execution Cost             None                       
Access Requirements                                   
Execution Requirements     
Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes                        
Intercept Standard I/O     No                         
Native (32-bit) Executable Yes                        
Use Shell to Execute       No                         
Modify User Data           No                         
Execute on Event           No                         
Pause After Execution      No                         
BBS Drop File Type         Mystic          DOOR32.SYS 
Place Drop File In         Node Directory             

Door Specific Settings

               ** LORD 4.07 Node Configure **

 (1) Node Number                 : 1
 (2) BBS Name                    : YourBBS
 (3) BBS Software                : DOORSYS
 (4) Path to dropfile            : \sbbs\node1
 (5) Fossil / Internal           : Using regular fossil driver
 (6) Locked port speed           : Port not locked
 (7) Comport                     : Read from dropfile
 (8) Send Open Comports command  : No!
 (9) Send Reset Comports command : No!
 (A) Use special ANSI settings   : No!
 (B) Use direct screen writes    : No!
 (C) The status bar is           : Enabled!
 (D) Copy setup from another RT game (TEOS and LORD2)
 ([) Go back a node
 (]) Go forward a node
 (Q) Quit to main

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