Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Check Setup

The Synchronet Check Setup module can check your Synchronet setup (configuration and data) for common sysop omissions, mistakes, or deprecated configuration settings that may remain from an older installation. When run, the Check Setup module will report any discovered issues on the console.

After any configuration changes or updates, it is highly recommended to run the Synchronet Check Setup module. Or just run it periodically for good measure.

No changes are made to your setup by the Check Setup module. It only reports on potential issues the sysop should be aware of.


Run the Check Setup module using JSexec like so:

jsexec chksetup.js


The available command-line options are:

Option Description
-v Provide verbose (detailed) output about discovered issues

Example Output

JSexec v3.17c-Linux (rev 1.203) Debug - Execute Synchronet JavaScript Module
Compiled May  8 2019 18:57:28 with GCC 6.3.0

Loading configuration files from /sbbs/ctrl
JavaScript-C 1.8.5 2011-03-31
JavaScript: Creating runtime: 8388608 bytes
JavaScript: Initializing context (stack: 16384 bytes)

Reading script from /sbbs/exec/chksetup.js
/sbbs/exec/chksetup.js compiled in 0.00 seconds
Invoking: check_sysop
Invoking: check_guest
Invoking: check_user_names
Invoking: check_user_passwords
Invoking: check_qnet_tags
Invoking: check_fido_origlines
Invoking: check_bbs_list
Opening list file: /sbbs/data/sbbslist.json
Invoking: check_syncdata
Invoking: check_imsg_list
Invoking: check_dove_net
Invoking: check_sub_codes
Invoking: check_dir_codes
Invoking: check_xtrn_codes
Invoking: check_sockopts_ini
No issues discovered
/sbbs/exec/chksetup.js executed in 3.87 seconds

JavaScript: Destroying context
JavaScript: Destroying runtime


Examples of and solutions to some chksetup.js reported errors are listed here:

MsgBase Status

If you receive an error similar to the following

Invoking: check_sub_cfgs
!MsgBase: debate           max_msgs status (1000) does not match sub-board configuration: 500

This indicates that the “status header” of a message base header (e.g. data/subs/*.shd) file has become out-of-sync with your configuration (i.e. ctrl/msgs.cnf). This can result in external message base utilities (e.g. smbutil, SBBSecho) not performing as expected. You can remedy this situation by running scfg -f -a and then exiting SCFG.

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