Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Table of Contents

Add Files

New for Synchronet v3.19, this JavaScript utility script replaces the functionality of the old ADDFILES program.

This script can import files into one or more filebases either using input filename/description lists (e.g. FILES.BBS) or by just searching for files in the directory's storage path and using any descriptions embedded in each file's archive (e.g. FILE_ID.DIZ).

If you just want to add a single file from the command-line, then you'll probably want to use postfile.js instead.


Run with JSexec

jsexec addfiles -help
usage: [-options] [dir-code] [listfile] [desc-off]
  -all            add files in all libraries/directories (implies -auto)
  -lib=<name>     add files in all directories of specified library (implies -auto)
  -auto           add files only to directories that have Auto-ADDFILES enabled
  -from=<name>    specify uploader's user name (may require quotes)
  -file=<name>    specify files to add (wildcards supported, default: *)
  -ex=<filename>  add to excluded filename list
  -diz            always extract/use description in archive
  -update         update existing file entries (default is to skip them)
  -date[=fmt]     include today's date in description
  -fdate[=fmt]    include file's date in description
  -adate[=fmt]    include newest archived file date in description
                  (fmt = optional strftime date/time format string)
  -delete         delete list after import
  -v              increase verbosity of output
  -debug          enable debug output
  dir-code:       File directory internal code
  listfile:       Name of listfile (e.g. FILES.BBS)
  desc-off:       Description character offset (number)

If no options or directories are specified, the sysop will be prompted for a directory to add files to.


* To search for files and import them in all directories:

jsexec addfiles -all

* To search for a FILES.BBS list file and import them in all directories:

jsexec addfiles -all FILES.BBS

* To search for a FILES.BBS list file and import them in all directories of the “main” library:

jsexec addfiles -lib=main FILES.BBS

* To add files/descriptions from a FILES.BBS list (where file descriptions begin at column 40) for the graphics directory:

jsexec addfiles graphics FILES.BBS 40

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