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Join FidoNet

How To Join FidoNet (Step-by-Step)

  1. If you are not already familiar with FidoNet/FTN systems, start by gaining a basic understanding of that and of your software. Download the POLICY4.ZIP document from a nearby FidoNet BBS, or from Read it thoroughly. Then read it again. Do the same with your software's documentation. You will also need a current copy of the Fidonet Nodelist.
  2. Set up Synchronet BBS. Make sure it operates correctly, to the best of your knowledge.
  3. Follow, to the letter, the procedure outlined in POLICY4 for joining Fidonet. The request must come in as a Netmail message. This shows the NC that your system is indeed capable of exchanging mail: the basic requirement for membership. Do NOT request a node number in a LOCAL message on your NC's system, it will only delay the process, and may even be simply ignored.
  4. Be patient. It may take up to 2 weeks for your request to be fully processed and appear in the Nodelist. Remember that your NC may not be able to contact you at all until your address becomes official.

The following are links to information about how to join Fidonet:


  • Message echo - A way to distribute messages between systems.
  • File echo - Like a message echo, but for distributing files instead of messages.
  • TIC - “TIC” is the standard file extension for the information file that is sent along with a file that is distributed in a File Echo.
  • Node - How a particular FTN/Fidonet system is referred to.
  • Network Coordinator (NC) - Primarily a node who has the added task of administering a LOCAL segment of the nodelist for his/her NET, a NET may cover part or all of a city and or part of a country.
  • Regional Coordinator: Primarily a node who has the added task of administering a REGIONAL segment of the nodelist for his/her REGION.
  • A REGION may cover an entire country or just a part of a country depending on it's size, the REGIONAL address is not obvious in the end node address.
  • Zone Coordinator - Primarily a node who has the added task of administering a ZONE segment of the nodelist for his/her ZONE, a ZONE can cover a single country or several countries.

See Also

  • SBBSecho (FidoNet tosser, included with Synchronet)
  • BinkIT (FidoNet mailer, included with Synchronet)
  • TickIT (FidoNet TIC processor, included with Synchronet)
  • BinkD (FidoNet mailer, 3rd party, open source)
  • TinyTIC (FidoNet TIC processor, 3rd party, open source)

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