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Use TinyTIC with Synchronet

Instructions and information for using the TinyTIC tic processor with Synchronet, by jame.

TinyTIC is a small, simple Open Source TIC processor that will work with Synchronet; and, in fact, was originally developed for that. It will run on MS Windows, Linux, etc; and the source code is available from its home page. Binaries may also be available there and/or on BBSs; including debian packages for installation on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux system.


An example (on a Linux system) configuration file for TinyTIC:

## Configuration File for TinyTIC v0.8

## Logfile is where you want the logfile to be created and
## what its name should be.
Logfile /opt/sbbs/data/logs/tinytic.log

## Inbound is where your mailer stores the TIC files and their
## corresponding files
Inbound /var/spool/sbbs/inb
## DataFile is used to specify where the text file will be created
##          for each process of the TIC files and what its name
##          will be.
DataFile /opt/sbbs/ctrl/tic/announce.txt
## AreaName is used to denote which files belong to which area.  Areas
##          are specified in the TIC files.
## -Format: AreaName <Area's Name> <Destination of files>
AreaName ECHOLIST /srv/ftp/ftn/echolist
AreaName FIDONEWS /srv/ftp/ftn/fidonews
AreaName NODEDIFF /srv/ftp/ftn/nodediff                                             
AreaName BACKBONE /srv/ftp/ftn/echolist
AreaName NODELIST /srv/ftp/ftn/nodelist
AreaName I-BINKD /srv/ftp/ftn/ibn


The BinkD IP mailer can be configured to use TinyTIC for processing TIC files. An example of configuring the shell script to be executed for TIC files:

exec "/opt/sbbs/exec/adm/"  *.tic

And where the script could look something like this:

# /opt/sbbs/exec/adm/
cd /opt/sbbs

export SBBSCTRL=/opt/sbbs/ctrl
export SBBSNODE=/opt/sbbs/node1

/usr/bin/tinytic --config-file /opt/sbbs/ctrl/tic/tinytic.cfg


And the script is used to post an announce message about received files:

# /opt/sbbs/exec/adm/tic/


export SBBSCTRL=/opt/sbbs/ctrl
export SBBSNODE=/opt/sbbbs/node1


if [ -f $WORKDIR/announce.txt ]; then

    cat $WORKDIR/header.txt $WORKDIR/announce.txt $WORKDIR/footer.txt > $WORKDIR/ticmsg.txt \
        && rm $WORKDIR/announce.txt

    # post message
    $SBDIR/exec/smbutil i$MSGTEXT $AREA < $WORKDIR/ticmsg.hdr

fi ;

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