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Barren Realms Elite

Barren Realms Elite or BRE is a multi-player strategy door game for bulletin board systems created by Mehul Patel. BRE is based on Solar Realms Elite (SRE) by Patel's brother Amit, and is considered by many to be SRE's successor. BRE is set in a post-apocalyptic future. BRE is currently owned by John Dailey Software and can still be registered.

SCFG Settings

Name Barren Realms Elite v0.988
Internal Code BRE
Start-up Directory ../xtrn/bre
Command Line bre
Clean-up Command Line
Execution Cost None
Access Requirements
Execution Requirements
Multiple Concurrent Users Yes
Intercept Standard I/O No
Native (32-bit) Executable No
Use Shell to Execute No
Modify User Data No
Execute on Event No
Pause After Execution No
BBS Drop File Type (R) Solar Realms DOORFILE.SR
Place Drop File In Start-Up Directory
Time Options As needed for your BBS

BRE Setup

BRE and the other SR / John Daily doors are easy with Synchronet since it supports SR doors native DOORFILE.SR. Basically just place the DOORFILE.SR in BRE's directory and you're home free. :!: Note: BRE is not Multiplayer and can only be used on one node at a time. However, we can leave Allow Mulitple Users ON in SCFG as BRE will inform the player the door is in use by itself.

From the command prompt, in the BRE directory, run the BRE998.EXE executable. Once that is completed, run the UNPACK.BAT file. This will create the DATA and DOC directories. BRE.DOC is in the DOC directory. Next, run INSTALL.EXE...

BRE for Local BBS Playing only

Install Barren Realms Elite (Y/N)? - Yes.
Next screen 'BBS Types', select #10 (Synchronet (DOORFILE.SR).
Ignore next screen which contains 'Setup Instructions' by pressing any key.

Game Setup Screen
BRE 0.988 setup:
The BRE Directory is '[The directory to which you installed BRE]'
Which directory is your BSB in? [Enter the Directory to which you installed BRE]
Hit 'Enter'
Enter the full path to your BBS's door files: [Enter the Directory to which you installed BRE]
Hit 'Enter'
Batch file to create: [Enter the Directory to which you installed BRE]\bre.bat
Hit 'Enter'
BRE Can use the fossil driver for communications.
Do you want BRE to use the FOSSIL? (Y/N)
Hit 'Y'
If you have locked baud rates, please enter the baud rate:
Hit 'Enter'
Hit 'Enter' again

Score File Setup
Enter the location for the ANSI score file
Enter the location for the ASCII score file
Hit 'Enter'

News File Setup
Enter the location for the ANSI News file
Enter the location for the ASCII News file
Enter the location for Yesterday News ANSI file
Enter the location for Yesterday News ASCII file
Hit 'Enter'
Hit 'Enter' again

BRE creates the following BAT files:

Since SBBS places the doorfile in the startup directory, edit it to match this

BRE Setup for InterBBS play

Contact the League Coordinator for the League you wish to join and they will send you the files needed to setup InterBBS play. Once you have those files, run BRE IPSETUP and fill out the informtion as needed.

Register BRE

BRE can still be registered at John Daily Software. If you plan on joining a InterBBS league, I highly suggest you register the software to have all functionality available to your players. Registration cost is $15.00. You can purchase the “Bundle” the includes BRE, FE, TAL and FH for $45.00

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