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Barren Realms Elite

SCFG Settings

Name                       Barren Realms Elite v0.988
Internal Code              BRE
Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/bre
Command Line               bre
Clean-up Command Line
Execution Cost             None
Access Requirements
Execution Requirements
Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes
Intercept Standard I/O     No
Native (32-bit) Executable No
Modify User Data           No
Execute on Event           No
BBS Drop File Type     (R) Solar Realms    DOORFILE.SR
Place Drop File In         Start-Up Directory

BRE Setup

BRE and the other SR / John Daily doors are easy with Synchronet since it supports SR doors native DOORFILE.SR.

Just place the DOORFILE.SR in BRE's directory and you're home free.

:!: Note: BRE is not Multiplayer and can only be used on one node at a time. However, we can leave Allow Mulitple Users ON in SCFG as BRE will inform the player the door is in use by itself.

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