Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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The default user interface/display control settings of UIFC applications (e.g. SCFG, EchoCfg, UEdit) can be overridden by creating the file ctrl/uifc.ini (new to SCFG v3.20).

All of the uifc.ini keys are in the root (global) section of the file:

Key Default Value Description
video_mode 42 (80×25 LCD) The text/video output mode
uifc_mode 0 Bit-flags controlling the user interface library, see uifc.h for bit definitions, e.g. set to 2 to disable mouse support
ciolib_mode 0 (auto) Console I/O Library Interface mode, see ciolib.h for value definitions, e.g. set to 4 to enable ANSI output mode
lines auto-detect Height of user interface window, in rows/lines of text (usually, 25)
insert false Set to true to enable keyboard insert mode by default, not overwrite
esc_delay 25 Milliseconds to wait for escape sequence, differentiating between ESC key press and extended key escape sequence
scaling 0 (auto) Initial display scale of graphical window, fractions supported

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