Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Configuration of default text attributes (i.e. colors) for the Terminal server.

The values configured in this file were previously (prior to Synchronet v3.20), configured in attr.cfg. The update script will automatically convert a legacy attr.cfg file to the new attr.ini format if the attr.ini file does not already exist.


The attr.ini file is in .ini format with the following keys in the root section. The attribute values are specified using the letters and numbers of their corresponding foreground and background attribute Ctrl-A codes.

Key Default Description
mnehigh WH Mnemonic Prompts High
mnelow G Mnemonic Prompts Low
mnecmd WH Mnemonic Commands
inputline WH4E String Input Inverse Text
error RH Error/Warning Message
nodenum WH Node Number in Node Status
nodeuser GH User Name in Node Status
nodestatus G Node Status
filename BH File Name in Listings
filecdt M File Credit value/size in Listings
filedesc W File Descriptions in Listings
filelisthdrbox YH File Listings Header Box
filelistline B File Listings Title Underline
chatlocal GH Chat Text Input Locally
chatremote G Chat Text Input Remotely
multichat W Mult-node Chat Text Input
external WH External Programs (default attribute)
votes_full WH5 Votes Full
votes_empty WH Votes Empty
progress_complete WH5 Progress Complete
progress_empty WH Progress Incomplete
rainbow WH,W,CH,C,MH,M,BH,B,YH,Y,GH,G,RH,R,KH Rainbow attributes, up to 40 comma-separated attributes

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