Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Table of Contents

XBin Images

Utility module for creating and displaying XBin image files

  • Can create XBin Image (xbimage) files from monochromatic .bmp files
  • Can display (send to a supporting terminal, e.g. SyncTERM) xbimage files (single file or slide-show/demo)


This utility module may be either executed from the Terminal server or via JSexec, depending on purpose.


jsexec xbimage.js [-option[=value] [...]] <command> <filename> [[filename] [...]]


Command Description
create Create an xbimage (.xb) file from a .bmp input image file
show Display an xbimage file from the Terminal server
demo Play an xbimage demo (show multiple files, in succession) from the Terminal server
info Display information about xbimage files
modify Modify (the flags) of xbimage files


Option Description
-v Enable verbose output (e.g. for debugging)
-invert Invert the set/cleared pixels of the read BMP file
-normal Define normal (non-blink) fonts first
-fg=value Set foreground color by name or number
-bg=value Set background color by name or number
-char=value Specify an output character height (in pixels, default is [8, 14, 16])
-title=value Set SAUCE record “title” string for created file
-author=value Set SAUCE record “author” string for created file
-group=value Set SAUCE record “group” string for created file
-delay=value Set demonstration delay duration (in milliseconds)
-flags=value Set new SAUCE flags value for use with modify command
-color=value Redefine a CGA color name to another color name or a <red,green,blue> value (0-63 per channel)

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