Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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ListServer Configuration

The ctrl/listserver.ini file is used to control the behavior of the Synchronet ListServer module.

It contains a root section for global settings as well as named sections defining each mailing list hosted by the ListServer.

Documentation for the settings can be found in the default/example listserver.ini file (from Git) and a snapshot has been included below:

; listserver.ini

; Synchronet ListServer configuration file

; $Id: listserver.ini,v 1.4 2014/12/10 09:41:27 rswindell Exp $

; Global settings ;

; Allow commands in message subject?
SubjectCommand = true
; Allow commands in message body? (always true if SubjectCommand=false)
BodyCommand = false

; Disabled?
disabled = true

; Over-ride default address (
;address =

; Over-ride default list server name (Synchronet ListServer)
;name = My ListServer

; When subscribing/unsubscribing, always use the sender's address
use_sender_address = true

; Each list is a separate section
; (list name in square brackets followed by "key=value" pairs)
; Required keys:
	; Internal code of message area
	sub = main.notices
; Optional keys:
	; Is this an "announce only" list?
	readonly = true
	; Is this list currently disabled?
	disabled = false
	; Is this list currently closed to new subscriptions?
	closed = false
	; Prepend "[list-name] " to Subject of exported messages?
	subject_mod = true
	; Submitter (only this address can submit messages to list, if specified)
	; submitter =
; Optionally over-ride default values:
	;address =
	;description = My mailing list
	;use_sender_address = true
; Not-yet-implemented:
	; Confirm subscriptions?
	confirm = true

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