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 +====== Best Practices ======
 +  - Do not create pages in the root (:) namespace
 +  - Try to use existing namespaces (see index if necessary) for new pages
 +  - When creating namespaces, use short singular names (e.g. "​person",​ not "​people"​) ​
 +  - When creating namespaces, create a namespace:​index page with a list of child pages/​namespaces
 +    - Tip: use the nslist or indexmenu plugin for dynamic child listings
 +  - Begin page with H1 section (page title in Normal Title Case) and a summary of the page 
 +  - End with an H2 "See Also" section that, at minimum, points back to the parent namespace
 +  - Use the "​discussion"​ tab (talk page) for page discussions
 +  - Use your user page for experimentation (not playground or sandbox)

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