Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Best Practices

Follow these guidelines when editing the wiki.

How to Use DokuWiki

Creating Pages

DokuWiki Page Manual

  • Begin page with H1 section.
    • Capitalize the page title properly. Unsure? Use AMA style at: Capitalize My Title
    • Add a summary of the page after the title.
  • End the page with an H2 “See Also” section that, at a minimum, has a link back to the parent page.
  • Use the “discussion” tab (talk page) for page discussion.
    • Do not write comments onto the actual page.
  • Use your user page for experimentation.
    • Do not experiment on the page, and don't experiment in the playground or sandbox.


Namespaces are the wiki sections that pages live in.

DokuWiki Namespace Manual

  • Create pages in the proper namespace.
    • Do not create pages in the root (:) namespace
  • Try to use existing namespaces for new pages (see: index).
  • If you must create a new namespace
    • Use short singular names (e.g., “person”, not “people”).
    • Create a namespace:index page with a list of child pages/namespaces.
    • Tip: use the nslist or indexmenu plugin for dynamic child listings.


Tag your pages using the tag plugin.

  • Page tags should be:
    • Lowercase
    • Singular, not plural
    • Not include any symbols (e.g., tcpip vs tcp/ip, ini vs .ini)
    • Have a tag for overall page topic (e.g., fidonet, mail_server)
    • Have a tag for the type of page (e.g., customization, development)