Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

You can donate to the Synchronet project using PayPal.

Best Practices

  1. Do not create pages in the root (:) namespace
  2. Try to use existing namespaces (see index if necessary) for new pages
  3. When creating namespaces, use short singular names (e.g. “person”, not “people”)
  4. When creating namespaces, create a namespace:index page with a list of child pages/namespaces
    1. Tip: use the nslist or indexmenu plugin for dynamic child listings
  5. Begin page with H1 section (page title in Normal Title Case) and a summary of the page
  6. End with an H2 “See Also” section that, at minimum, points back to the parent namespace
  7. Use the “discussion” tab (talk page) for page discussions
  8. Use your user page for experimentation (not playground or sandbox)

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