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Dupefind is Synchronet's file de-duplication utility. It will (at least) report duplicate filenames but it will not report if the same content is in different files.

By default, dupefind will scan all your configured file libraries. You can limit the scan by specifying starting and/or ending file library numbers.

Dupefind is exec/dupefind on *nix systems and exec/dupefind.exe on windows systems.


usage: DUPEFIND [start] [end]
where: [start] is the starting library number to check
       [end]   is the final library number to check

Example output:

Scanning Main Newly Uploaded Files is located in : Main             Newly Uploaded Files
                       and : File Dist Net    BFDS
Scanning Main BBS Related

HAKRLFOS.ZIP is located in : Main             BBS Related
                       and : Main             FOSSIL is located in : Main             BBS Related
                       and : Main             FOSSIL
Scanning Main BBS Doors

Oot_120 .Zip is located in : Main             BBS Doors
                       and : File Dist Net    DDSDOORS
Scanning Main BlueWave is located in : Main             BlueWave
                       and : File Dist Net    MAXUTIL

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