Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Why a 3rd party Windows installer which installs “the latest” files from CVS (or from a nightly snapshot source archive) is considered a “bad idea” by digital man:

1. The CVS repository or nightly ZIP files do not make a good installation source (for several reasons). We're only supporting the CVS method for *nix installs because we're too lazy to do it the right way.

2. A fully functioning Synchronet-Windows installation package is not as simple as it seems at first blush. Likely, no one but me is going to take the hours and hours of testing and installing and tweaking that it requires to create an installer which results in a working BBS on a vanilla Windows box. And if I'm going to take the time to help someone else test/fix their installer, I might as well just do the work myself (which is already in progress, see install/install.iss).

Please leave the Windows installer package creation to me. If you want to contribute an installation package, a Debian or RPM source package would be nice to have and I'd be willing to help test such a thing too (without taking offense). We get frequent requests from Linux sysops for just such a beast.

Thanks for your interest and efforts,