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FidoNet Mailer Programs

Programs that transfer mail for FidoNet Technology Networks (FTNs).

Name Windows Linux FreeBSD Mac-OS X BinkP BSO Notes Link
BinkD Yes Yes Yes ??? Yes Yes Ubiquitous FTN Mailer, How-to use with Synchronet
Taurus Yes ??? ??? ??? Yes YesBased on Radius
Radius Yes ??? ??? ??? Yes YesBased on Argus
Argus Yes ??? ??? ??? Yes Yes Unsupported
Internet Rex Yes Yes ??? ??? Yes Optional Unsupported
FrontDoor DOS No No No No No Unsupported, not-FREE
InterMail DOS No No No No No Unsupported
D'Bridge DOS No No No No Optional Mailer, tosser and editor
BinkIT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Written in JavaScript for Synchronet Wiki Page

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